Emotion Management Skills Group – Wednesdays 6:00 to 7:30 pm

The Center for Optimal Living is starting a Mindfulness-based Emotion Management Skills Group this Wednesday January 18 at 6 PM.

This group will provide an introduction to mindfulness and emotion management techniques. These skills are designed to promote a more accepting and compassionate response to thoughts and emotional patterns that cause distress. Specifically, we will discuss how mindfulness skills can be used to manage difficult emotions, cope with stressors, and track urges to use. How these emotional states contribute to substance misuse and other problematic behaviors will also be explored in the group.

Sessions will incorporate mindfulness-based techniques as a way to foster a less reactive stance towards stressors and interpersonal conflicts. Another focus of the group will be on relationship skills and the barriers associated with connecting with others. Discussions will center around how to develop more authentic and meaningful connections with others.

Emphasis will be placed on providing practical skills that can be readily applied in daily life to reduce distress. This will be done through an exploration of current habitual patterns and how we may begin to slow down and notice these automatic reactions. Participants will be guided through mindfulness-based exercises to increase the connection between the mind and body. Sessions will consist of an introduction to breathing and mindfulness skills, cognitive- behavioral techniques such as using thought records to monitor patterns associated with intense emotional states, and grounding exercises.

For more information, please contact Jenifer Talley, Ph.D. at jenifertalley327@gmail.com or (212) 213-8905 x106.

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