Dr. Andrew TatarskyIntegrative Harm Reduction therapy is a personalized treatment for substance misuse and addiction that goes beyond the one size fits all model of abstinence.

Andrew Tatarsky is an internationally recognized leader in the treatment of substance misuse and the director of The Center for Optimal Living. He has specialized in the field of substance use treatment for 30 years working as a counselor, psychologist, program director, trainer, advocate and author.

Harm reduction is a revolutionary framework for addressing substance misuse and addiction and other potentially risky behaviors that does not require abstinence. All positive changes are viewed as successes; so reducing, using more safely, moderating, controlling and stopping the behaviors are all seen as acceptable goals on the path towards positive change, healing and growth.

Integrative harm reduction psychotherapy evolved out of my 30 years of helping people with substance abuse problems and the full range of related human issues. It reflects my commitment to finding more effective solutions to substance misuse and addictive behavior.

Dr. Andrew Tatarsky is a true expert in the field of addiction. His clinical knowledge and understanding of addictive behaviors make him a true leader in the field of addiction treatment. Dr. Tatarsky’s unique talents as a clinician and speaker, make him well recognized by various national and international organizations and clinical community members. Eugene Isyanov, PhD
I have known Dr. Tatarsky and his work for nearly two decades. He is a pioneer in humane, empathic, and respectful approaches to helping people who are concerned about their alcohol or drug use make effective health decisions about those concerns. Having referred clients to Dr. Tatarsky over the years, and received nothing but positive feedback about his caring and engaging style of therapy, I can recommend him without hesitation for anyone who is concerned about substance use. Frederick Rotgers, PsyD

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